Professor Luo has been a Professor in the Department of Chemistry in TsingHua University in China since 1994. He is also the Director of the Network Center (Ministry of Education) for Collaborative Study of TCM Modernization in TsingHua University. Previously, he was Deputy Director of Analytical Center, Assistant Dean of Institute of Life Science and Engineering, Deputy Director of Institute of Pharmacy and Director of Modern Research Center of Traditional Research Medicine. During 2007 to 2012, he set up the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nanki University in Tianjin and also served as the Executive Dean of College of Pharmaceutical Sciences during this period. Professor Luo has published more than 700 scientific papers and was also inventor or co-inventor in 25 issued patents.  He has won numerous awards including National Award of Science and Technology Advancement and a number of Ministerial Awards of Science and Technology Advancement. He is Chairman of Chinese Biopharmaceutical Technology Association (CBPTA), Associate Editor-in-Chief of Pharmacopoeia of PR China and also member of the National New Drug Approval Council of China.